HP Certifications

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a global provider of information technology products, software and services to organizations, which are usually large enterprises.

HPE Big Data Certifications

HPE's Big Data certification portfolio includes credentials that validate a candidate's ability to not only install and administer big data solutions but design solutions as well.
HPE's big data credentials include:

  • HP ATP - Data Protector v9

  • HP ASE- IDOL v10

  • HP ATP - IDOL Server v10

  • HP ASE - Records Manager Administrator v8

  • HP ATP - Records Manager v8.x

  • HP ATP - Structured Data Manager v7

  • HP ASE - Vertica Big Data Solutions Administrator V1
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    HPE Data Center and Cloud Certifications

    HPE's Data Center and Cloud certifications focus mainly on understanding and meeting business requirements for data centers and cloud services.
    The certifications in the Data Center Cloud portfolio include:

  • HPE ASE - Data Center and Cloud Architect V3

  • HPE ATP - Data Center and Cloud V2
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    HPE IT Management Certifications

    The IT Management certification portfolio focuses on validating skills necessary to manage (administer, deploy, and use) IT management systems.

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    HPE Networking Certifications

    The HPE Networking certifications identify individuals who can efficiently design, deploy, manage and troubleshoot networks based on SDN (software-defined networking) and other emerging technologies.
    The certifications in this portfolio include:

  • HPE Master ASE - FlexNetwork Solutions V2

  • HP ASE - FlexNetwork Architect V2

  • HP ASE - FlexNetwork Integrator V1

  • HP ATP - FlexNetwork Solutions V3

  • HP APS - Networking [2010]

  • HPE ASE - Data Center Network Architect V1

  • HPE ASE - Data Center Network Integrator V1
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    HPE Operating Systems Certifications

    The HPE Operating Systems certifications recognize individuals who are proficient in deploying, configuring, operating and managing servers running HP-UX, HPE NonStop or HPE OpenVMS. These certifications are geared toward enterprise environments.
    The certifications in this category include:

  • HP ASE - HP-UX 11i v3 Administrator V1

  • HP ATP - HP-UX 11i v3 Administrator V1
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    HPE Security Certifications

    The HPE Security certifications are geared toward network administrators and protection specialists who can plan, deploy, configure and manage ArcSight, Fortify and SecureData solutions. Achieving HP's security certification validates a candidate's ability to protect an enterprise from advanced threats and manage risk.
    The certifications in this portfolio include the following:

      • Arc Sight:

          • HP Master ASE - ArcSight Security V2

          • HP ASE - ArcSight Administrator v1

          • HP ASE - ArcSight Analyst V1

          • AP ASE - ArcSight Logger V1

          • HP ATP - ArcSight Security V1

      • Fortify:

          • HP ASE - Fortify Security V1

          • HP ATP - Fortify Security V1

      • SecureData:

        • HPE ATP - Data Security V1

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    HPE Server Certifications

    The HPE Servers certifications identity professionals who plan, design, build, implement and manage server solutions, which may include ProLiant, BladeSystems, Integrity, Apollo, Moonshot or Synergy. Server certifications are mainly aimed at solution architects and integrators.
    The Server certifications include:

  • Master ASE - Advanced Server Solutions Architect V3

  • HPE ASE - ProLiant Server Solutions Integrator V3

  • HPE ATP - Server Solutions V3

  • HPE Product Certified - Converged Solutions [2017]

  • HPE Product Certified - OneView [2016]

  • HPE Product Certified - Synergy Solutions [2016]
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    HPE Storage Certifications

    The Storage certification portfolio offers relatively few certifications, all of which focus on HPE storage solutions and integration
    The certifications in this category include:

  • HPE Master ASE - Storage Solutions Architect V2

  • HPE ASE - Storage Solutions Architect V2

  • HPE ATP - Storage Solutions V2

  • HPE Product Certified - OneView [2016]
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