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GLOBAL IT SUCCESS ensures accurate and up to date information, however the information and the prices of course are subject to change. Our focus is to impart quality education, yet it depends upon the performance of the clients and how well they focus on improving their skills. GLOBAL IT SUCCESS cannot be held responsible for any misinterpretation of the material or representation.

We offer services for those who are above 18years of age. We would not be held responsible if any details shared with us are false or inaccurate in any aspect. Moreover, any misconduct or lawlessness may result in loss for the users. GLOBAL IT SUCCESS by any means disclaims the liability for any damage occurring due to wrong access of the information and prices. Also, users cannot derive any rights from the site.

Privacy Policy

GLOBAL IT SUCCESS guarantees the information depicted the website is accurate, and has the right to change any information from time to time without prior notice. Our site is free from malware; however, damage may occur due to virus infection.

GLOBAL IT SUCCESS will not indulge in any activity that damages the privacy of our clients. We collect information directly from our clients; we do not depend upon any third party to share information about our clients. Any information shared by the clients will be not be sold or exchanged with any third party without the client’s consent. We only share the information about new products or any feedback if our clients allow us to do so.

Our clients are free to contact us if they find the information that we are holding is incorrect or if they want to update their personal information. Please send us mail at

Our website contacts links with third parties and if visiting our site users click on those websites and share their information, they will be responsible for the leakage of their personal information. You must read the terms and condition of these websites, we will not be held responsible for third party practices.

When you book exams online we will require your personal information such as your name, age, email-id, contact number, address and other details relating to the examination for which you will register. Once the registration is complete we will provide you with a password, and sharing of this will lead to the cancellation of your registration and hence cancellation of the exam.

We will be recording the candidate’s personal details to administer, assess and develop examinations. This will also help us in issuing certificates and examination results. With correct personal details it will be easy for us to handle and answer queries. Moreover, these details will help us to verify that no fraud has been involved in the examination.

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The privacy policy may change from time to time, however the updates will be provided to the users through their registered email.